April 23 2011 - Welcome to the Match Director's website for Coastal Bend Challenge 2009. This is a personal site and its purpose is to continue to provide the generous match sponsors valuable advertising and, to ensure that the competitors may view the match photos whenever they desire. This site is not and has never been property of the club who hosted the match and I no longer have anything to do with that organization.

August 25 2009 - I submitted an article about this year's Coastal Bend Challenge match to IDPA National and they published it in the Q3 issue of the Tactical Journal. If you have not seen it and would like a copy, click the link below.

Tactical Journal Article: If At First You DO Succeed

April 9 2009 - If the compliments I received are any indication, the 2009 Coastal Bend Challenge match was a resounding success and certainly one of the best to date. As Match Director, it was an enormous amount of work but I could not have done it without the Safety Officers, Scorekeepers, and Staff so to each of you, my personal thanks for your assistance and support. The same goes for our sponsors who stepped up to the plate..thank you very, very much. Finally, our two hard-working photographers provided me with some excellent photos and they can be viewed from the menu above.

Thanks to everyone for attending the 2009 Coastal Bend Challenge match.

Most sincerely,

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